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We've got products going out for taste testing and here are some of the responses.....Here's where we find out how we're doing.  Let us know how you enjoyed our products and tell us what your favorite is!

REMEMBER, we are always looking for suggestions!

The Gluten EscapeTeam

Quotes I purchased your Dill dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and they were fantastic. Wish I would have bought more. Thank you for all the wonderful baked goods. I especially love getting a warm muffin in the morning. See you soon. Quotes
Love Gluten Escape!

Quotes When I went to The Gluten Escape for the first time, I tried one of their egg free brownies, and IT WAS AMAZING! It was sooo good! I hope to go to the Gluten Escape again one day! Quotes
best place ever

Quotes My family has a LONG list of food allergies! We were thrilled to walk into Gluten Escape and find SO many choices! Kathy and her staff are amazing, they truly care about people. Everytime we visit we try new things and have yet to be disappointed. Our most recent "new" item: breadsticks!! WOW!! Two thumbs up from every member of our family. Thank you Kathy!! Quotes
repeat customer

Quotes Omg, while visiting in Denver for health reasons I stumbled into Gluten Escape and what a wonderful experience! I was delighted, I live in Midland TX and do no have many options especially baked goods. The day I ventured in I wanted one of everything, I ended up with several cookies, cupcakes and a half loaf of bread.....which were all wonderful. I think I am still dreaming about the Mexican wedding cookie, ginger snaps and my favorite snickerdoodle everything I sampled was fantastic! Quotes
Yea for Gluten Escape

Quotes I just discovered The Gluten Escape last week. I could not believe the variety and how delicious everything was. I have tried several types of cookies and cupcakes and everything has been tasty. After two months of frustration since going gluten free and not being able to find tasty gluten free treats, I am very happy to have found The Gluten Escape! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I have been going to Gluten Escape ever since it opened. It has the BEST gluten free food I have yet tried. I recommend this store to anyone looking for quality food!! I have been letting people know because I want to see this store do well. And the people there are great, nice, and offer awesome service! Quotes

Quotes I won a free cake from the drawing in your store. I got it for a dinner party that I had at my house. We had 50 people over. Everyone loved the cake and could not believe it was gluten free. They actually preferred your cake over the other cakes that were not gluten free. Your desserts are delicious and they do not sit in your stomach like a rock as most gluten free desserts do. Thank you for opening a wonderful bakery in Denver! Quotes

Quotes I visited your store today and was happy to see so many choices. I have several family members who eat gluten free so it's nice to have a place to grab a treat. Quotes
Naturally minded small business owner

Quotes Absolutely fantastic! As I've never had to eat gluten free before, this was my first time, but I couldn't even tell a difference! The cookies (Oatmeal Raisin & Chocolate Chip) were fresh and tasty! I'll be returning soon. Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes I just went to Gluten Escape and was so excited just to see my little boy being able to pick out ANYTHING he wanted. It gets hard saying NO to him so often. He was literally the kid in the candy store!! Your cookies are excellent and the cupcakes are perfect!! Thank you so much! Best of luck. Quotes
GF family mom